Public Safety sUAS

We are preparing to begin accepting pre-orders
for the ADP Eagle, Public Safety sUAS !

We took the reliable Yuneec H520 already being used by Public Safety agencies nationwide, removed all of the electronics and replaced them with components Made in the USA. We also are adding numerous proprietary enhancements to the aircraft and controller software. These enhancements will set us apart from all aircraft in this class. The UAS can now be classified as a U.S.A. built aircraft, and we are receiving a COTS Waiver with over 75% U.S. content. All U.S. Government agencies are prohibited from purchasing UASs from Chinese manufacturers. When you look at your options for the U.S. manufactured UASs to fit your mission type, most of them are in the $25,000 to $35,000 and up range. Our entry-level system package with a dual IR/EO sensor package is priced under $7,500


We understand how difficult it is to secure funds for your budgets, especially something as new as this. If you don’t have the capital budget to purchase commercial-grade systems to meet your missions.

Procurement is now pain free. A special monthly rental plan is available which includes maintenance with payments starting at $350.00 monthly. At the end of 12-months, you can continue for an additional 12-months or simply return the UAS. If you renew, at the end of the next 12-months, you will own the UAS! No more payments!

Atlantic Drone Pros, LLC is registered in the SAM and eVA systems, enabling us to provide services to Federal, State, City or County entities. We are a Veteran-Owned Small Business. Our CAGE Code and DUNNS account numbers are available for agencies upon request.