If you have invested in the unmanned aviation market, or are contemplating doing so, the fastest-growing segments of the market are Public Safety, Advanced Air Mobility, Urban Air Mobility, Package and Food Delivery, and Military, specifically on the flight management software side.

Our software will provide these businesses everything they need to operate flights hundreds/thousands of miles away from the control point (GCS) and have AI to manage the flight so pilots can operate dozens of aircraft simultaneously. We also have software which will be loaded on stand-alone processors to be licensed by UAS/UAV aircraft manufacturers for integration into their flight controller/autopilot systems.

We are involved in all of these segments with software that will quickly put us on top with the disruptive technology we are developing!

We were recently awarded an STTR contract with AFWERX Agility Prime for developing AI and ML for weather mitigation and other autonomous functions, all without pilot intervention.

We are developing capabilities for UASs that do not presently exist such as AI decisions for determining if it is safe to land using computer vision even if the UAS is lost link, plus auto geofencing to prevent the aircraft from inadvertently flying into a no-fly zone that may have just popped up, again even if the UAS is lost link.

We are in the early stage of developing artificial intelligence and machine learning to be used in flight planning and while in flight to monitor onboard systems, weather, traffic, terrain and other items to guarantee a safe, risk free flight. In the event conditions change or should there be a manned or unmanned traffic conflict, the AI can take immediate action to mitigate the situation without pilot intervention.

If you want to invest in disruptive cutting edge technology then you have come to the right place. Please feel free to contact Keith Mottas (CEO) at the number below.

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Pilot GCS Workstation Mockup

Flight Following/Dispatch Workstation