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The ADP Eagle Gives You Unsurpassed Thermal Imaging and HD Video/Photos

The aircraft we are preparing to roll out for use by law enforcement, fire, and search & rescue is Made in America is state-of-the-art.

Unlike any other hexacopters in this price range, you can optionally use a two-person flight crew. The pilot flies the aircraft and a sensor operator manages the payload, ensuring you get the best possible video or photographs and the highest level of safety.


We are acquiring the Yuneec H520 sUAS airframe, motors, and ground station only, then adding all of the electronics which are Made in America. Additionally, we are adding Px4 autopilot and QGround Control which has been enhanced by our software programmers, and we have added 256 bit 3DES encryption to the comm link to prevent hacking the aircraft. There are numerous other enhancements being added to the system software which will set us apart from anything else in the industry.


The system will be going through the process of having it classified as Made-In-America, with over 85% U.S. content


Most U.S. produced hexacopters are in the $25,000+ range. Our ADP Eagle is priced under $8,500 and with many more features. We will be offering lease and rental plans with monthly pricing starting at $350 with a dual IR/EO camera. Pilot training will be conducted at your location and can be bundled into the lease.


A monthly payment plan tailored for your department can be set-up with flexible terms designed specifically for Public Safety agencies at the local, state, and U.S. Government levels. Pilot training can be bundled with the UAS so you won’t need capital expenditures to fund your UAS (Drone) program. One monthly payment includes everything.


A formal announcement with more details and pricing will be made on July 15,, 2020.5