Manuals, documents and waiver filings which we provide for Part 135 UAS Certification

Letter of Compliance

The Letter of Compliance is required for every level of Part 135 certification (also referred to as Statement of Compliance) is a detailed listing of each FAA regulation that pertains to the operator, and an explanation of how the operator is in compliance or will comply with that regulation. In some cases, the means of compliance is stated in one of the operator’s required manuals, in which case that regulation may be referenced to the appropriate place in that manual.

Training Manual

The Training Manual/Training Program), is the document that specifies the policies and procedures for training flight crewmembers. This document must properly specify all the FAA-required training items and specify the FAA-required ground and flight training hours. This manual will be used by company instructors to conduct all ground and flight training.

Drug and Alcohol Program

The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) rule, 49 CFR Part 40, describes required procedures for conducting workplace drug and alcohol testing for the federally regulated transportation industry. All air carriers and operators authorized to conduct Part 135 operations shall have a drug and alcohol program. We will set this program up for you with a drug testing consortium.

General Operations Manual

The General Operations Manual (GOM) contains the bulk of the operational policy and procedure for the Part 135 operator. The GOM will contain everything from personnel job descriptions and responsibilities, flight and duty limits, weight and balance procedures, and most other items that specify the methods by which the operator will conduct their operations.

The General Operations Manual is required for all operators.

Air Carrier Certificate

The air carrier certificate is issued by the FAA once you complete all of the necessary certification steps. The air carrier certificate does not contain any specific details about your operation other than your name and air carrier certificate number. The actual privileges and limitations for your operation are contained in your operations specifications, as described below.

Part 107 Waivers

You will be required to file for waivers pertaining to flight over humans (107.39), beyond visual line of sight (107.31), daylight operations if you want to fly at night (107.29), and Operation of multiple sUAS (107.35). Should you wish to perform these types of operations we will provide the documentation required and submit the filings.

Operations Specifications

The operations specifications (Ops Specs) set the authorized and prohibited types and areas of operation for your certificate. Your Ops Spec is comprised of many components, such as what kind of UASs you can operate, who can conduct your training, the UAS maintenance program, weather limits, and much more. This is the most important manual which you will be dealing with

HazMat Will or Will-Not Carry

All certificate holders are required to submit, for FAA approval, a Hazardous Materials Training Program, even if they do not intend to carry hazardous materials. We will provide this and set you up with a HazMat Training Program.