FAA Part 135

When you are ready to start planning your unmanned delivery program, you will be required to apply for and work through the FAA Part 135 on-demand package delivery certification process.


We will walk you through every phase of the certification process.


We do not provide the UASs. We handle the certification with any UAS you prefer.


The phases for certification:

Certification Process General Information

      1. Phase 1 — Pre-application
      2. Phase 2 — Formal Application
      3. Phase 3 — Design Assessment
      4. Phase 4 — Performance Assessment
      5. Phase 5 — Administrative Functions

Certificates are available for the following types of Part 135 operations:

    • Part 135 Single Pilot. A single-pilot operator is a certificate holder that is limited to using only one pilot for all part 135 operations.
    • A Basic operator certificate is limited in the size and scope of their operations. Maximum of five pilots, including second in command. Maximum of five aircraft can be used in their operation.
    • A Standard operator holds a certificate with no limits on the size or scope of operations. However, the operator must be granted authorization for each type of operation they want to conduct.

UPS Flight Forward, Inc., a participant in the Integration Pilot Program (IPP), became the first company to receive a Standard Part 135 air carrier certificate to operate a drone aircraft.


The FAA issued a Part 135 Single pilot air carrier certificate for drone operations to Wing Aviation, LLC in April 2019. Wing Aviation is also part of the IPP.